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Shimono.. what are you doing? stahp!!




There will be two new characters in KBTBB season 2ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

WE GET TO DATE A BELLBOY!? //dramatically drops suitcase// SOMEONE HELP ME, MY BAG IS TOO HEAVY~

Hello Tsundere-chan,

Thank you for ordering with AmiAmi.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we were unable to secure your
order, and will not be able to offer this item to you at this time.

1 x CD MARGINAL #4 THE BEST “STAR CLUSTER” (Atom, Rui, L, R ver.) / Toshiki Masuda, Naozumi Takahashi, KENN, Yuto Suzuki

Please accept our sincere apologies for this inconvenience.

If you have any questions regarding this order, please feel free to contact us.
Again, thanks for your business!

FML. FML FML FML. *despairs in a corner*



Hi tomey! I just wanted to share that an otome game company is looking for English translators to translate their games. Below is what they posted in their facebook page :)

【Writer wanted for love simulation games for women! Work from home job opportunity】

Our company is looking for a translator /

love story writer who is fluent in Japanese and English.

This job is based on translating love game apps that are available in Japan.

And now we want to target women in the U.S.

No translation experience necessary!!

But we need someone who has experience writing love story scenarios in English.

This is a great job opportunity for an amateur writer!

You can do this job from your own comfortable home!

*Job Details*

-translate Japanese love game story to English

These are the trailers for the apps that need to be translated.

◆(Abunai kuroi koibito) Japanese Title

This one has about 300,000 Japanese words that needs to be translated to English.

◆(Bakumatsu) Japanese Title.

This one has about 220,000 Japanese words scenarios that need to be translated to English.

◆Once you finish and submit your work, we will make sure everything is good.

If there are some things need to be fixed, we will let you know.

◆The game title and introduction need

to be finished along with your translation work.

The introduction needs to be about 3000 words.

We are planning to have a game event once a month if this app is a hit.

So there are more works for you along the way.


-You have experience writing love stories in English.
-Must be fluent in Japanese.
-You know and understand “Nobel Game”, “Otome Game” and “Doramacd”.
-Must be able to submit your work by due date
-Must report your progress regularly.
-Have Skype account, and be able to do an interview with Skype.

*Due Date*
-About one month, if you need more time, let us know. It is flexible.

*Hiring Process*

1. Please attach your website or essay which has your love story scenarios for us to review.
2. There is a short test essay.
3. We will review those.
4. If you are hired, you will have to sign the contract.

*Your Information*

-Your Name
-Address / Phone number
-Scores on TOEIC, TOEFL, Eiken Test Score.
-Email address and Skype ID
-Your favolite website and Social media
-When are you able to finish the work, rough estimate

Pretty sure they meant “Mobile” not Nobel LOL;;; Still, very interesting and exciting to see more trying to get into the English market! I wish I was fluent in Japanese so I could try applying…….. GOOD LUCK ANYONE WHO TRIES!



Reine des Fleur scans from June 2014 issue of B's Log (1/2)

The cast for the game has been revealed as:

  • Leon: Okitsu Kazuyuki
  • Louis: Namikawa Daisuki
  • Ghislain: Kondou Takashi
  • Orpheus: KENN
  • Hubert: Sugita Tomokazu



It’s time for ice cream and video games and nothing else.


I back-ordered Star Cluster from AmiAmi (Atom,R,L,Rui ver). :| Also ordered an UtaPri Calendar with it. XD

Hope they can restock it soon!

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which one is your partner?

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